Santa Barbara's Premier Lighting Firm

Professional Lighting for Holidays and Special Occasions

- We Design, Decorate, Hang, Remove, and Store your Holiday Lights

- The only licensed, bonded, and insured professional light hanging and decorating service in the greater Santa Barbara area.

- Specializing in custom lighting for commercial and residential display

- Avoid the annual hassle of spending an entire weekend scaling roofs, stringing up lights, and searching for broken bulbs.

- Each strand custom fit at every site so that there are never straggling lights or empty and dark spots.

- We emphasize safety, efficiency, professional eye-catching design, and customer satisfaction.

- Lights provided to ensure that top quality products are being used. Lights removed at the end of the scheduled lighting season to be safely and properly placed in our storage facility until the next use. If lights break or stop working, light-testing devices will be used allowing us to inexpensively determine which bulbs need to be replaced when necessary without replacing the entire strand.

(805) 845-4189

To most effectively
meet your needs
during the holiday season,
please schedule with us
before Oct. 1.
Feel free to schedule with us
after as well. 

- We are also willing to string your Christmas trees with lights. If you would like to decorate your tree or home interior, we can recommend an interior designer.

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